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CARS meeting 2019 in Zaragosa

Sunday, September 1, 2019

The yearly face-to-face meeting of the CARS team in 2019 was hosted at the CSIC headquater in Zaragoza. While only 5 members could make the way to Zaragoza this time, about 10 people remotely connected along the week so we had a very productive meeting again. Lot's of ongoing and new paper ideas were discussed and future observing proposal were designed. The wonderful meeting was organized by Miguel Perez-Torres with many social acitivies. Everyone enjoyed the food, weather, city and being together for a week doing great science. The community can expect a lot of exciting papers in the year 2020.

During the CARS team meeting we visited also the Aljaferia Palace which is also housing the Parliament of Aragon. The weather was very nice and everyone enjoyed the time in Zaragoza thanks to the great organization by Miguel Perez-Torres.