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New Paper Published: A massive multi-phase outflow in HE1353-1917

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A new paper from the CARS team has been published which demonstrates the full diagnostic power of our unique spatially-resolved multi-wavelength data set. The edge-on host galaxy of HE1353-1917 shows a unique orientation of the AGN's ionization cone which is turned towards the disc of the galaxy. A small radio-jet is associated with the ionization cone an extends about 1kpc into the host galaxy. Our spatially-resolved spectroscopy in the optical with MUSE at the VLT, in the NIR with NIFS at Gemini-N and in the sub-mm with ALMA reveals a massive outflow in all those gas phase at the tip of the jet. The energetics of the outflows shows a high mass outflow rate at 1kpc which clearly exceed the star formation rate of the entire galaxy and therefore has the potential to impact the evolution of the galaxy. However, the current SFR is at most mildly reduced which would be restricted to the central 1kpc so far. Energetically, the driven mechanisms of the outflow is not fully clear, but the size of the jet and its directional power suggests that it plays a crucial role for the injection of the energy.

While this is just a single case study, the CARS team is working on a systematic analysis of the entire CARS sample of AGN host galaxies. A lot of interesting results can be expected.

Velocity dispersion map in [OIII], H2, and CO(1-0) showing highly turbulent motion associated with a bipolar outflow within the central 1kpc of the AGN host galaxy HE1353-1917.  The spectra in all hot spots reveal a distinct kinematic feature closely associated with a radio jet structure as the likely powering source of the outflow.