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CARS Data release 1 is public

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

After significant delays caused by the ongoing pandemic, the CARS team is happy to announce that the first public data release became public as of 23. November 2021. This has been a great team effort and possible with strong support from the eScience group at the Leibniz Institute for Astronomy (AIP) in Heidelberg. The website for the CARS DR1 is

What we made available so far are:

  • reduced optical IFU data cubes
  • processed optical IFU data cubes
  • high-level IFU data products, like kinematics and emission line fluxes
  • spectroastrometric analysis of ionized gas outflows
  • AGN spectral analysis and parameters
  • host galaxy morphologies
  • integrated panchromatic spectral energy distribution (SEDs) from  FIR to UV
  • stellar masses and star formation rates

The entire astronomical community is invited to use provided information for future research.