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New Paper: Locating the [OIII] wing component in luminous local Type 1 AGN

Monday, November 22, 2021

Another newly accepted paper was lead by PhD student Mainak Singha from the University of Manitoba in Canada for the CARS DR1. We explored the spatial location and distribution of the so-called wing [OIII] emission line component. This component has been thought to originate from an AGN-driven ionized gas outflow and is present in virtually all optically bright AGN. Applying a technique called spectroastrometry, we found that more than 50% of the AGN showed rather compact outflows which originate less than 100parcsec away from the nucleus. This is much smaller than typically assumed for AGN of this luminosity and is supported by significantly higher electron density measurements in compact outflows compared to extended outflow cases. This can have significant implications for outflow energetic calculations when they are based on previously assumed scaling relations for outflow size and electron density rather than actual measurements.

Results of the spectroastrometry results for AGN HE0040-1105. The [OIII] wing light distribution follows a PSF which is slightly offset with respect to the AGN location as implied by the BLR broad Hbeta light distribution. The much narrow core [OIII] component is clearly extended as expected for the AGN-ionized NLR.