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Press release and publication award for work PhD student

Friday, November 29, 2019

On 29th of November our PhD Student Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova got awared one of the Ernst-Patzer-Prizes 2019 honouring the best publication by young astronomy researches in Heidelberg. Irina got the price for her very first paper on the [CII] excess discovered in the CARS AGN HE1353-1917. 

At the same day on "Black Hole Friday" NASA issued a press release based on Irina's work title "Black Hole or Newborn Stars? SOFIA Finds Galactic Puzzle".

Congratulations for Irina from the entire CARS team for her awesome work and the entire team which has made this discovery possible. 

Artist’s concept of a jet from an active black hole that is perpendicular to the host galaxy (left) compared to a jet that is launching directly into the galaxy (right) illustrated over an image of a spiral galaxy from the Hubble Space Telescope. SOFIA found a strange black hole with jets that are irradiating the host galaxy, called HE 1353-1917. The galaxy has 10 times more ionized carbon than its stars could produce. The gas, illustrated in blue in the right image, is concentrated near the galaxy’s center, which indicates that the intense radiation from the black hole’s jet is the source of the excess gas. This contradicts the long-held assumption that ionized carbon is a good indicator of newborn stars, and forces scientists to re-evaluate the effect black holes have on galaxies. Credit: ESA/Hubble&NASA and NASA/SOFIA/L. Proudfit